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Improve the Healthcare

TOPIC: WE NEED TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH CARE IN THE UNITED STATES instructions for Essay #4: Proposal for Argument Essay

Essay #4 is a 2-3 page proposal of your research topic. This proposal will be written in preparation for your final essay assignment, the Research-Based Argument. You will propose the issue that you're considering in order to me and your class mates that your tentative issue has good potential and is significant and important.Improve the Healthcare

In addition to providing you with experience in writing arguments, the proposal assignment will also help with your prewriting in the following areas:

  • Generating a thesis
  • Developing a focus for your research
  • Listing reasons why the argument is significant and interesting
  • Finding sources

The more work you do on this assignment, the better your final essay will be.

About the Proposal for Improve the Healthcare Research Paper:

Your proposal should outline the tentative thesis, purpose and audience of your Research-Based Argument. You will also discuss your preliminary research and thoughts on which rhetorical analysis might be useful to you-- for example, which lines of arguments will you use and why? Specific criteria for the proposal are listed below-- you must address ALL of the listed criteria in your proposal.
Your proposal should guide you toward a more successful Research-Based Argument. It should help you think through your ideas-- you can discover ideas as you write the proposal. Often, writers find that they need to get their ideas on paper to be able to work with them effectively. Also, in writing a proposal, you will learning to write a very common and practical form of argument.

Creating a Tentative Thesis for Improve Healthcare Research Paper:

You should spend a good bit of time creating a tentative thesis. You can start by taking a look at some controversial points of views currently being debated about your topic/ issue. Then take your own stand on the issue and support your claims with evidence from your preliminary research. If your research is thorough and well-planned, your point of view may change or at least be adjusted. This, again, is wallowing in complexity.

Developing the proposal involves three steps:

1. Gathering preliminary research on your issue.
2. Reviewing your research. Then in your proposal, you should write a brief summary of the various points of view on your issue.
3. Discussing in your proposal how you might use this research in your final essay-- as supporting evidence for your tentative thesis, as counterargument?

Your proposal should include:

1. A clear, direct statement of your argument. State your point of view as a tentative thesis/claim. For example: “In my final essay, I will argue that {thesis statement}.” Then, discuss at least three reasons that support your point of view.

2. A brief summary of the various opinions on your issue. Include at least four, preferably different points of view. You will discuss what your sources are saying about the issue, why the issue concerns them and what sides they take.

3. Three reasons why this topic is timely.

4. Thoughts on your purpose. What do you want to achieve with your Research-Based Argument?

5. Three rhetorical strategies you might use in your Research-Based Argument-- why and how will you use them? Also discuss three ways that you might use specific research as supporting evidence, counterargument?

6. A list of four questions you will need to address in your Research-Based Argument.

7. Any questions, problems or comments you have for your me about the Research-Based Argument or about how to deal with your topic.

8. An audience analysis that identifies your intended audience. Specify the characteristics of your audience. Some questions to consider: How would you define them in terms of age, economic and social class, gender, education, etc.? What typical attitudes, stances, or biases about your topic does this audience hold? What in their background or daily experiences helps explain their point of view? What are they likely to know about your topic? How might they be uninformed or misinformed about it? How would they like to see the problem, question, or issue resolved, answered, or handled? Why? That is, what personal stake do they have in the topic? In what larger framework--religious, ethical, political, economic--do they place your topic? That is, what general beliefs and values does your audience hold?

9. A Works Cited page in MLA format. This Works Cited page will serve as a representation of the research you have done so far. Your list should include a minimum of 4 sources. You are allowed two internet sources for the proposal. (For the final argument, you’ll need six sources, up to three of which can be internet sources.) However, you are strongly encouraged to use the online research databases located at the FIU library website which are more credible than general internet sources. No general search engines such as askjeeves.com or sparknotes.com are permitted. If you have a question about credibility, ask me. All research must be relevant in some meaningful way to the issue you are concerned with.

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