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Implementation Plan for Adding XML Support

A common assignment in a computer science course is on an Implementation Plan for Adding XML Support and looks as follows:

The student will complete Service Request “SR-rm-020, XML Support.” The student will create a detailed implementation plan for adding XML support to Riordan Manufacturing’s operations.

Begin work on Service Request SR-rm-020. Develop a high-level information flow diagram that illustrates the information flow associated with the tracking of shipments and orders described in the service request. It is recommended that the Learning Team uses Microsoft Visio® to develop the information flow diagram that will be included in the XML implementation plan.

How to Set Up a Research Project on Adding XML Support

  1. Identify the objectives of the XML implementation to include a description of the functionality that will be supported. The student will also provide a rationale as to why the functionality is being recommended and how it will support the information flow developed before.
  2. Document the design of the data and logic of the processes necessary to support the information flow for the tracking of shipments and orders.
  3. Finalize your efforts from the prior assignments to ensure continuity of all parts of the XML implementation plan. The implementation plan will include the information flow, the objectives of the plan, the design of the data and the description of process logic.

Service Request SR-rm-020
XML Support

Organization: Riordan Manufacturing
Locations: All Locations
Requester: Maria Trinh

Description of Request:
Devise a detailed implementation plan to use XML so that Riordan can track orders and shipments of raw materials and finished products throughout its supply chain.

Case Study to Illustrate a Plan for Adding XML Support

Riordan purchases clear and colored polymer pellets from Brooks Chemical Supply. The polymer pellets are used in the production of various products including clear plastic ½ liter bottles. Huffman Trucking transports shipments of pellets from Brooks' warehouse to the Riordan production facilities in the U.S. Bickford Organic Juices is one of Riordan's customers for its clear plastic ½ liter bottle. Huffman Trucking transports orders of bottles from Riordan's Albany, GA facility to Bickford's bottling plant. We want to be able to track shipments and orders throughout the supply chain - from the raw materials through delivery of finished products to our customers. Brooks, Huffman and Bickford have all agreed to participate in this plan.

Expected Results/Impact when completed:
A 10-12 page detailed implementation plan for adding XML support to the databases of Riordan Manufacturing, Brooks Chemical Supply, Bickford Organic Juices and Huffman Trucking so that Riordan can track shipments and orders throughout its supply chain.

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