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Illness, Life and Death

The requirement for a scholarly paper is 9 pages long with a focus on a specific topic area. The title page, reference page, and any art form included in the paper should not count in the page number. Papers not meeting the 2100 word min. Illness, Life, and Death Research Paper MUST be in APA format.

Further Instructions on Illness, Life, and Death Research Paper:

  1. If your work centers on the creative arts, you must include academic analysis.
  2. All papers /projects must include an introduction. An introduction should get the attention, plus, it should discuss the origins of your ideas and how you propose to develop your theme(s). Illness, Life and Death
  3. Every project /paper must have an extensive conclusion. An effective conclusion usually: briefly summarizes the main points of the paper and discusses why the work is important to both the author and society in general.
  4. For a paper of this caliber, there should be a minimum of three (3) references cited in text. All papers must include a bibliography.
  5. You may develop theme regarding HIV and DEATH or related topic and turn it into a scholarly paper.
  6. Must introduce a fresh perspective.
  7. Through art we learn about life. Also, with art, people can express their experiences and views. From office posters to news photos; from billboards to t-shirts; from personal photographs to magazine advertisements we interact regularly with graphic and fine art. Since our lives are impacted on a daily basis by the visual arts, I want you to introduce still art into your scholarly work.
  8. As you develop the theme(s) of your study, take some time to relate to the subject “through” an artist’s brush or a photographer’s lens.

Be creative! Here are some examples of how you can use art in your academic paper on Illness, Life, and Death Research Paper:

  1. An analysis of the treatment of tragedy (e.g. Waco, Columbine, 9/11etc.) by photo news journals
  2. War and photography: Memories, insights, or historical records
  3. Tracing the progress of a disease through art of the era (e.g. T.B., influenza, HIV, or leprosy)
  4. A pause in the action: Photographs and discussion of contemporary practices (e.g. hospitals, funeral homes, fire sites, etc.)
  5. Tattoos and piercing: Body art, beautification, or a social statement?
  6. Internet art: What does it tell us? (About illness, life & death, HIV, medical practices, etc.)
  7. Studying “The Holocaust” through art (you choose your holocaust: e.g. WWII and the Nazi concentration camps, Colonialism and the mistreatment of Native Americans, the African slave trade, the beliefs and actions taken against “witches” in Europe an the Americas, etc.)

Must be concise with:

  1. thorough organized presentation of ideas
  2. correct use of grammar with no typographical errors
  3. a reference page or bibliography
  4. The art work should correctly referenced in the paper
  5. labeled, and cited
  6. The introduction should specifies the selected genre and outlines the goals of your paper
  7. Post clear, simple, and original arguments or theories and adequately supporting them in the body of your paper
  8. The conclusion should reflect your feelings towards the genre and summarizing the importance of the genre and your findings for society.

The paper should have a clear and interesting introduction, original content in the main body of the text, and an extensive conclusion. Any paper without an introduction, or containing primarily content summary of someone else’s work in the body.

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