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Hurt People Hurt People

This is a topic suggestion on Hurt People Hurt People from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. 

Sandra Wilson wrote “Hurt People Hurt People” to provide practical counseling to individuals that have past hurts and have created hurtful patterns in their life because of this. The book focuses on human relationships and why individuals cannot break free from the pain of past hurts. Specific areas such as childhood neglect and unavailable parents are looked at along with the unrealistic expectations that many have as adults for painful experiences to heal. Emotions such as blame and fear of change are just a few of the barriers to healing that many people experience.

Hurt People Hurt People

Sandra Wilson’s self-help style of writing calls upon her faith to supplement psychological counseling. She states that people need the “best of both worlds” to fully heal. This means they must use their faith in God and the psychological counseling she advises to address their mental health disorders or issues. Wilson uses the example of Jesus counseling all types of people and at any time of the day. It is the goal of Christian counselors to be like Jesus Christ and provide their services for all people.

Wilson’s book offers guidance to people of all walks of life and any culture. Paper Masters can help you understand the meaning and the direction that “Hurt People Hurt People” takes and outline clearly Wilson’s steps for achieving mental health through God. Order a custom model research paper on the book and Paper Master’s academic writers will explain exactly how to integrate Wilson’s counseling technique into your studies.

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