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Human Psyche

The complete and total being of the conscious and subconscious human mind, otherwise known as the human psyche, has been dissected in detail and studied prolifically since the period of the great philosophers of old. Men like Aristotle, Plato and others from their era were instrumental in originating a vast catalogue of research into the study of the human psyche. From the perspective of psychoanalytic theory advance by the likes of Freud and Jung, the human psyche is made up of three parts or processes, which include the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego. This would make a good beginning for a research paper on human psyche.

Human Psyche

The Elements of the Human Psyche

The elements of the human psyche are as follows:

  • The Id is occupied with deep human impulses and drives, not only in the conscious human mind but also in the subconscious or unconscious mind.
  • The Super Ego component of the human psyche embraces and applies social standards, values and norms.
  • The Ego as a dimension of the human psyche is occupied with the elements of common sense and reasoning.

The study of the human psyche clearly falls in the realm of group mind theories. Jung was convinced so much of the application of the human psyche to group mind theories that he advanced the notion of human psyche as mass psyche. At the same time, although the human psyche is a common phenomenon among human beings, the components of the human psyche are not manifested equally or the same among humans because of personal attributes. This assumption is based on Jung’s perception of the human psyche as made up not only of the collective unconsciousness but also the personal consciousness and personal unconsciousness, which together constitutes the individual self and is where the personality becomes apparent.

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