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Human Motivation

How do you start a Human Motivation research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Using Human Motivation (6th ed.). Franken, R. E. (2007) Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. ISBN: 0-495-09081-6 and two others sources answer the below 5 questions. Each answer should be 3 pages in length. Each answer should be 3 pages in length and each response should be clearly identified.

Human Motivation

Requirements for Human Motivation Research Paper:

1. On page 227 of the text you will find Figure 8-6. Provide one scenario each for two different hypothetical people showing for each of them possible outcomes and possible paths for the same frustrated need. Summarize the two, comparing and contrasting the experiences in the scenarios. Then provide, in paragraph format, an explicit explanation of similarities and differences. Your essay should have two explanations along with descriptions and references to your text and/or other readings.

2. Fear is a strong component of human motivation. Explain the numerous roles of fear in both positive and negative impact situations on human motivation you have studied this term. Create real-life examples for each role of fear to support your position(s). Develop your scenarios to include the application of theory. Thoroughly develop your scenario.

3. Explain the role of learning in human motivation. Provide at least three (3) examples that specifically tie learning to human motivation and the reduction of stress, improved happiness, and self-esteem. (Three separate scenarios.) Your explanation should be well developed and the examples should be specific.

4. Provide a numbered list with at least five (5) theories you have studied in this course and provide the pros and cons with regard to the value of risk-taking and human motivation related to each theory. Provide a comparative summary of these theories in paragraph style.

5. A key element in Human Motivation involves one’s ability apply existing knowledge to a problem. We call this creativity. The text actually provides a process of creativity. Your task is to:

  1. Delineate a real-life problem associated with your work or something you have experienced. You must define this problem completely. Make yourself a disinterested observer and omit no detail.
  2. Synthesize the data. DeBono (as cited in Franken, 2007) terms this process “finding redundancies” and calls it lateral thinking. You are going to identify patterns in your scenario. This is the heart of the creative process.
  3. Then, you will suspend judgment; leave your opinions of the situation out of the process. Think of this as a game and devise at least three (3) options for your scenario.
  4. Last, explain how motivation is linked in each of the options.

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