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Hubble's Law

Hubble’s Law is credited to the astronomer Edwin Hubble who was responsible for generating some of the first evidence to support the big bang theory including formulas for estimating the distances between objects including other galaxies that exist in the universe from earth’s own galaxy. Hubble's LawIn fact, Hubble’s Law is predicated in part on man’s interest in the big bang theory and the notion that the universe has expanded just as every other element has grown or expanded since that unmatched event.

Hubble’s Law describes the relationship between objects in the universe that can be observed at a distance and the rate at which those objects are moving away from the earth. More succinctly, Hubble’s Law submits that distant galaxies actually move away from the earth, with those galaxies that are closet to the earth moving more slowly away and those galaxies further from the earth moving away more rapidly. The basic tenet of Hubble’s Law therefore is that the speed at which galaxies move away from the earth is proportionate to the distance of those galaxies from the earth. Among the effects or outcomes of Hubble’s Law is the understanding that the universe is continually expanding throughout time and at a relatively constant rate for those galaxies close to the earth as well as those furthest away. Hubble’s Law also affords the opportunity to determine what kind of distance separates the earth from other identifiable objects in the universe.

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