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How to Write a Business Research Paper

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Writing a business research paper will be second nature by the time the MBA student graduates. However, if a student isn't familiar with the special aspects of a business research paper, it may be difficult to get motivated to begin the project. Paper Masters offers the following guide to writing a business research paper. Follow these guidelines and your on you way!How to Write a Buisness Research Paper

  1. Introduce your business research paper by giving a paraphrased summary of your topic. This should include a clear thesis statement of the specific issue, problem, question, or development that you will discuss.

    A thesis statement offers a significant, clearly stated, and concise introduction of the central point of this project. It also previews three or more main points you will be making in your discussion.

  2. Explain why you think this topic is relevant, and how it applies to this class.

    Keep in mind that your readers may not understand or agree with your position. As they process your assignment, they will continually ask, "Why?" You should provide the reader with the basis for understanding the point you are making. Also, you should not expect your readers to take your views on faith. Any idea that you advance must be supported with specific reasons and details.

  3. Discuss how your specific issue, problem, question, or development reached this point. What are the most important events and why do/did they matter?
  4. Discuss potential ways for solving this problem, according to your sources & research.
  5. Which of these ideas do you think might be most successful? Why?
  6. Conclude with a summary that ties together your main points and gives closure to your paper.

Learn How to Write a Business Research Paper from Paper Masters

Specific details and reasons serve to support your points. Specific details give the evidence needed for the reader/listener to see and understand general course ideas. In general, specific supporting details include facts, examples, statistics, and testimony

You must also provide enough specific details to support fully the point being made; a mix of support, several examples or an extended example. Without such additional support, your assignment will be underdeveloped.

Clear reasoning supports your points by relating the specific details to the appropriate terms/principles/theories. Be sure the details you present relate to and actually support your point or the principles/definitions you are using. Show how the terms/principles/theories explain and help you to understand what happened in the communication situation. Your reader/listener should never have to ask: "What does this have to do with your point?"

The final required step in each entry is an ending that summarizes your support and reinforces the central point. The concluding statement often summarizes the assignment by restating briefly the central point and, at times, the main supporting points of the assignment. In addition, you might present a concluding thought about the topic of the assignment.

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