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How to Write an Abstract

An abstract is a brief summation of an academic article. In general, it provides a synopsis of the relevant findings of the article as a way of allowing a researcher to glean whether the article is relevant to a line of research. How to Write an AbstractThere are numerous websites across the Internet that will teach you how to write an abstract. University students are often required to produce a research paper in the course of their studies, learning what an abstract does is a key first step in learning how to write an abstract.

Modern scientific and social science research is largely published in various academic journals. The smaller size of an article, as opposed to a full-length book, allows for both the timely presentation of new research to the field and a peer-reviewed contribution to academic knowledge. Many such journals require authors to produce an abstract, which is best written last, after the rest of the article is completed. Despite appearing first in the publication, an abstract cannot summarize research without completion.

How to Write an Abstract need not be the title of an entire course of study in a writing class. However, all university students seeking to improve the quality of their writing should realize that how to write an abstract is a relatively easy part of the writing process. It is the final polish on an article, providing encapsulated summary for potential interested readers.

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