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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling Book Review

This book report on Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling by Everett L. Worthington is about the book on marriage counseling. Below is the way that Paper Masters suggests to format your research paper to be sure to cover all aspects of a good book report or review.

  1. Hope-Focused Marriage CounselingBook Summary: After listing author and chapter, summarize what you have read as if you were the author boiling down the book into 750 tight words. Prove that you comprehend the readings by writing a no-nonsense summary. This section is not a commentary or listing of topics, but rather a gut-deep, insightful “précis” of the content.
  2. Concrete responses: Get vulnerable. In 250 words, relate a personal life episode that this book connected with in your own life experience. Relate your story in first person, describing action, quoting sentences you remember hearing or saying. In the teaching style of Jesus, this is a do-it-yourself parable, case study, confession. You will remember almost nothing you have read unless you make this critical, personal connection. What video memory began to roll? This is your chance to tell your story and make new ideas found in the book your own.
  3. Reflection: What new questions pop up for you in response to what you have read? Begin with questions like, “What would I like further information on?” Where do I not agree/strongly agree with the author?” or “What bothers me/excites me about this content?” This section should be about 250 words.
  4. Application: How does the information in this book influence how you are going to continue your own personal growth process? What actions or changes are you going to make in your life as a result of your learning? Your response here is a matter of obedience first, questions later. Be precise in summarizing your action steps

Book Reports and Book Reviews on Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling from Paper Masters

A Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling book report typically begins by identifying the author, title of book and publishing details in the introduction. Then a student should continue with the book report by stating the thesis or controlling idea of Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling. Typically, in a book report, the first paragraph is the summary of events that develop the thesis of Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling. In the body of the report, a student should include the key characters and concepts of at least three characters or personalities. Finally, end with a conclusion of at least 1/2 page with final thoughts about the book and an interesting ending.

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