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Research Papers on Homosexuality

Research papers on homosexuality can be custom written on any aspect of homosexuality that you need researched. There are many different ways a student can study homosexuality and each class that discusses the phenomena. Topics on homosexuality can include:

  • How does homosexuality affect the sociological aspects of a society?
  • What are the most recent changes in gay rights today?
  • How has homosexuality influenced history and various other societies?

Homosexuality is the romantic and sexual attraction of a person to another person of the same sex. The word is derived from the Ancient Greek “homos” meaning “same,” and the Latin word “sexus” meaning “sex.” Homosexuality has both sexual orientation and identity issues.

Homosexuality has always been a part of human behavior, although its acceptance has waxed and waned throughout the course of civilization.


Many ancient societies were openly tolerant, or even encouraging of homosexual relationships. Many cultures that derive from the Abrahamic tradition (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) expressly condemn homosexuality. This was a cultural taboo for a certain group in the Ancient Middle East that has come to dominate Western Culture. In the later Middle Ages, for example, homosexuality was punishable by death in many European countries, while anti-sodomy laws were kept on the books in the United States in some states until the late 20th century.

Researchers are convinced that a person’s sexual orientation is a combination of factors, both nature and nurture, that fall along a spectrum. The Kinsey Scale, for example, rates people from 0, exclusively heterosexual, to 6, exclusively homosexual. For many years, the DSM considered homosexuality a type of mental disorder, but such thinking has been revised, as evidence points out that homosexuality is a natural human variation. Hiding one’s homosexuality is largely the result of a hostile society.

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