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Home Depot Research Papers

Home Depot research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

When looking to invest in a company it is very important to research not only the company, but also the industry itself.  A decision to invest a great deal of money in the stock of a single company is a large step and one that requires a great deal of consideration. 

The first step when contemplating investing in a company is to look at the company itself.  Home Depot is a company that has steadily grown over the years.  It offers services to a wide variety of customers, from the do-it-yourselfers to the people who just want to come in and buy a plant.  Some of the services that Home Depot offers to its customers include:Home Depot

  • A potting service - All plants are plotted for free when the customer purchases a plant with matching container.
  • A Home Depot charge card - The charge card offers three programs and can be issued for business or personal use.
  • Personal Delivery - For all purchases that customers cannot take with them Home Depot offers a delivery service that prides itself on getting supplies to the customer when and where they need them.
  • Home Depot truck rental - Home Depot offers a quick and easy way to take your supplies with you in a Home Depot rental truck.
  • Kitchen decorators - Home Depot offers free kitchen and bathroom consultations with expert decorators.

These are just a few of the services offered at Home Depot as a part of their continuing mission to offer superb service to their customers. 

Now that we know the services that Home Depot offers let us look at Home Depot from a more concrete perspective.  Home Depot has over 770 stores nationwide.  As mentioned previously Home Depot has a wide clientele, however the do-it-yourself market is what Home Depot bases its business around.  Home Depot was one of the first companies to offer a warehouse style atmosphere in its stores.  The stores are usually 100,000 square feet, which allows them to carry most all of the products that their customers will need.  Home Depot is not solely based in the United States; it also has does a good deal of business in Canada and is looking to expand into the South America region.

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