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History of Piracy

I need a research paper written on History of Piracy. This paper must be double spaced, 10 pages with 9 sources. The sources that are needed are located on the colleges databases.
A couple sources can also be aqcuired from Ebscohost database research tab next to opposing viewpoints. PLAGARISM FREE IS A MUST

History of PiracyTemplate for History of Piracy Research Paper:

In this section you want to arouse reader interest and to show readers why they should read this paper.

Identify the subject, including establishing the controversy. Provide background .information, including . one paragraph of history, one paragraph defining key terms (if appropriate), one paragraph focusing on the general or personal significance of this controversy.
End with thesis - the point you are proving in your paper. The thesis needs to be clearly stated at the end of your introduction.

  • Review of the Literature

In this section you want to convince readers that you are familiar with what others are saying about this topic, and you want to lay a foundation for presenting the details of your argument.

Name the experts who have addressed this problem, . listing them in your opening paragraph to this section, . making sure that you include experts who both support and disagree with your thesis, . taking .1-3 paragraphs (3/4 to one full page) to summarize the views of' each expert, . presenting the experts in a logical order that meets the needs of your argument.
End the section with an overview of what the experts say (sort of a summary to help your readers).

  • Discussion of the Issues

In this section you make the differing viewpoints talk to one another on each controversial issue you present. You also make a case for the view that you believe is correct.
Analyze the topic, issue by issue,
. identifying 3-5 issues in your opening paragraph. Examine the first major issue:
. compare and contrast the views of your experts on this issue; . make sure that you include experts both pro and con on this issue; . add further evidence from your research, . such as case studies and new events and statistics;"
. before moving on to the next issue give some sense of what you believe the research reveals to be the appropriate view of this issue.
Examine the second major issue:
. repeat the procedure above in presenting this issue. Exaririne the ~emaining major issue(s): . you should cover 3-5 issues total; . for each issue repeat the procedure outlined for first major issue. End the section with a paragraph to tie pieces together and prepare the audience for the conclusion to your paper

  • Conclusion

In this section you restate your thesis and summarize for your readers how you proved it.
You also suggest some- thing further about the topic or thesis.

In manufacturing I business circles this can be thought of as presenting a morphological chart.

Restate your thesis,
. showing how it grows' "logically" from the Discussion of the Issues Go beyond the thesis to comment on the significance of this research, e., . offer a course of action, suggest additional work needed (if appropriate).

  • References / Reference List / Works Cited

In this section you give your readers the sources you used. if there are any that they want to look at, . this section gives them the necessary informa- tion so that they can find the sources.

List all and only sources which are cited in your paper.
List them in alpha order, according to the first word of the entry.
Follow APA format (see APA appendix).
Follow hanging indent format.
Please single-space each entry and double-space between entries.


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