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History of Medicaid Research Papers

Public administration research papers can focus on the history of Medicaid to fulfill requirements for a political science course. Medicaid is a complex topic so tracing its history can help you better understand this government medical service.

Medicaid and Medicare are often confused. In your research paper on the history of Medicaid you will want to begin by differentiating Medicaid and Medicare. Note that Medicaid is a state run program, traditionally for low-income pregnant women, children under the age of 19, people over the age of 65, blind, disabled or individuals requiring nursing home care. Once you differentiate between Medicaid and Medicare you can freely continue to introduce the history of Medicaid.

In a history of Medicaid paper you will want to look at the following elements:History of Medicaid

  • Who was the 1st politician to introduce the idea of Medicaid at the state level?
  • How was this idea received by government at the time that it was introduced?
  • What hurdles did Medicaid 1st encounter when being designed at the state level?
  • How has Medicaid changed since it was 1st introduced to what it has grown to be now?
  • Who are the major opponents of Medicaid at this time?

When doing a research paper on Medicaid be sure to keep your personal opinions out of the paper. Rather, look at the concept of Medicaid from the point of view of the politician, the citizen and the recipient. You will want to spend a considerable amount of time exploring the issue from each of these points of view. The history of Medicaid is a deep subject that has experienced many twists and turns over the years. Any student should be able to make a fascinating research paper, that asks many good questions, while exploring the history of one of the United States’ most controversial social programs.

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