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HIPAA Literature Review

HIPAA literature reviews are very common in Medical Health Courses and Business and MBA research classes. Paper Masters has suggestions for you to write a literature review on HIPAA. Interestings topics for a lit review on HIPAA include the following:

  1. How has HIPAA changed the way small medical offices do business?
  2. Does the literature support the notion that HIPAA protects the patient's privacy the way it was intended?
  3. What are the major stumbling blocks for HIPAA implementation for a new medical practice?

Since HIPAA legislation was first proposed, the reactions in the published literature on the subject have varied widely. HIPAA Literature ReviewIt is only in the last several years, as the implementation deadline for HIPAA grew nearer, that more extended, careful analyses of the ramifications of HIPAA have appeared in the literature with regularity. This preliminary review of recent literature on the subject will trace the trajectory of the analytical approach to HIPAA through a discussion of representative articles.

A Sample entry in a HIPAA Literature Reveiw looks like this:

Hamby & McLaughlin (2001) discuss the ways that the HIPAA regulations can be used as a means of gaining greater efficiency, thereby decreasing financial expenditures. According to the authors, although the healthcare industry has reacted to the passage of HIPAA and its subsequent revisions with consternation and dismay, the core objectives associated with the legislation are beneficial to everybody involved, from health care providers and organizations to the level of the individual patient.

Hamby & McLaughlin go on to assert that while previous, voluntary standardization attempts have failed, HIPAA offers the benefit of providing a true impetus for the single format of storage and transmission of patient information. Although the stringent time limits and severe non-compliance penalties have been perceived negatively by many in the health care industry, the authors contend that in the final analysis, HIPAA will prove to be beneficial for the industry as a whole.

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