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High Risk Obstetrics Research Papers

High Risk Obstetrics research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.


Information that MUST be included in High Risk Obstetrics Research Paper

  1. History and Physical- Describe your approach in conducting a thorough history and physical on your client. Be sure to include actual and potential risk factors, and any other relevant information.
  2. Systems Review- Provide a comprehensive review of the systems assessment that should be performed on your high risk OB client. Don't forget the baby. Determine which clinical manifestations are apparent in each system. Include all appropriate lab values, diagnostic studies and medications referenced to the appropriate system.
  3. Pathophysiology- describe the pathophysiology of the high risks condition. Describe the conditions effect on both mother and fetus from a pathophysiologic standpoint.
  4. Nursing interventions- Provide nursing interventions for each nursing diagnosis that you have identified for your patient. Identify the nursing actions that are the priorities and the nursing actions that would follow. Which psychosocial actions are warranted in your case? Indicate if a team approach is necessary, to implement your patients priority nursing actions. Why?
  5. Introduction and Conclusion- provide an introduction to your paper. Who/What will this be about? Provide a conclusion for your thoughts. The conclusion should link the paper together with a brief summation of points made and bring everything to completion. Paper length 4-6 pages.
  6. Presentation- present your case to your clinical group.


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