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Hidden Lesson

The Assignment Article is "Hidden Lesson" by David Suzuki

Assignment Criteria for Hidden Lesson Research Paper:

  1. Hidden LessonList details that interset you that pertain to the article. These may include the article's specific subject matter, the author's biography, critical responses to the article, other articles that deal with the same subject matter, and anything that you think will contribute to you understanding of this article. This list will form the basis for your research and serve as your starting point when you acess your research sites.
  2. Locate and Document three secondary sources.
  3. Take your list of research parameters to your research sites. Use the recources avlible to you. Use your research parameter terms as search words when you access library databases for information. For example, you might search for more writings by the same author, or you may search for the biography of the author. Search for the subject that interests you to find information about the subject. The more creative and resourcefull you are in your research, the more interesting the secondary sources you will discover wil be.
  4. Once you have compiled a list of many possible secondary sources, *select the three sources you think are the most pertinent to the analysis of the article you are working on.*
  5. Create an American Psychological Association (APA) style list of references for the three sources you use.
  6. Summarize each source
  7. Using your knowledge of summaries, provide a 5-6 sentence summary of each of the secondary sources in you references list. At the end of each summay, indicate in one sentence why you consider the source a valid and useful source for evaluating the article you selected to research.

What to submit when writing Hidden Lesson Research Paper:

  1. the title and author of the article you selected to research
  2. your list of research parameters
  3. a list of all the sources you found
  4. reference entries accompanied by source summaries in APA format

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