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Health Care Economics

Health Care Economics research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

1 .”Health care is a peculiar beast where in spite of all the new technology, costs keep going up all the time. That is a strange paradox.” Dr. Shetty. What are the main reasons why health care costs rise faster than inflation? Can a hospital buck that trend? How?

Health Care Economics

2.Describe a strategy for attracting medical tourists to Narayana Hrudayalaya.

3.Answer some of the following questions regarding research on Brazil.

a. Which country did you analyze?

b. Spending and outcomes

i. How much does the country spend per person on health care (U.S.$)?

ii. What is life expectancy at birth?

iii. Are there viable opportunities for health care entrepreneurs?

c. Health insurance

i. How is health care financed (e.g., taxes, employers, individuals)?

ii. What proportion of the public is publicly insured? Privately insured?

iii. Are there differences in access between urban and rural?

iv. Are there copayments and deductibles?

d. Pharmaceuticals

i. Are physicians allowed to dispense pharmaceuticals? Are pharmacists allowed to prescribe pharmaceuticals?

ii. Do people have access to the latest pharmaceuticals?

iii. Is there a vibrant domestic pharmaceutical industry?

e. Providers

i. Do providers see many patients or few? What is the status (social and financial) of providers?

ii. Is traditional (aka homeopathic or natural) medicine practiced?

iii. Who owns the hospitals (e.g., government, non-profit, for-profit)?

iv. Describe a hospital in this country. How does it compare to a U.S. hospital?

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