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Research Papers on the Haitian Revolution

Research papers on the Haitian Revolution can be written on any aspect of the bloody revolution in Haiti. Paper Masters history writers will explore the topic for you in a complete research paper with relevant and timely sources from academic and scholarly articles. History books with the entire Haitian Revolution documented will also be used. Get your project completed today.

The Haitian Revolution had it roots in the mistreatment of the black slaves, who constituted ninety percent of the population, the dissatisfaction of the white planters with the French government, and the desire of the free persons of color to achieve the rights of citizenship. The Haitian RevolutionEach group had its own agenda and often worked against the other rebel groups. The spark that set off the revolution occurred on 21 August 1791 after a Voodoo service. Blacks rose up across the French colony then known as San Domingue. Whites were slaughtered, and plantations were destroyed. On 18 September 1792, France sent Leiger Sonthonax to regain control of the situation. He largely succeeded in containing the rebellion, but war with Britain undid his work. Britain and her ally, Spain, invaded the island and encouraged the slaves to continue the rebellion. One of the chief rebel leaders was Toussaint L’Ouverture, a former slave, now a rebel general, who allied himself with the Spanish. After Sonthonax freed the slaves on Haiti, Toussaint returned to the French side. The British and Spanish incursions were unsuccessful, and Toussaint, through political and military maneuvering, made himself ruler of the island.

Frances Involvement in Haitian Revolution

Toussaint professed loyalty to France, but acted as an independent head of state. This irritated the new French leader, Napoleon, who wanted to regain control of Haiti. He sent General Leclerc and a French force to retake the island. Toussaint was driven from power and eventually arrested through French treachery. This incensed the former slaves, who renewed the rebellion. One of Toussaint’s most capable generals, Jean Dessalines, a brutal, sadistic leader, abandoned the French and took command the rebel forces.

Research papers on the Haitian Revolution reveal the following concerning:

  • The Haitian rebellion was one of the most vicious in history
  • It was a campaign of elimination by both sides.
  • With help from the British and the effects of yellow fever on the French force, the rebels were victorious.
  • On 1 January 1804, the French gave the colony independence, and Dessalines renamed it Haiti, or “higher place”.

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