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GPS Technology

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Global positioning system (GPS) technology was first developed for military applications. This paper will examine several aspects of this technology, including ways that this technology improves the way we live in contemporary society. In addition, it will discuss ways that GPS technology may be used in the future to benefit individuals and society. This examination will demonstrate that in addition to providing essential military data that improves national security, GPS technology offers a wide array of benefits. As GPS technology continues to be integrated with existing technologies and expand their benefits, GPS also allows for future innovations in almost every aspect of society, including improved business services, public safety, and healthcare.

GPS Technology

The global positioning system consists of a network of 24 satellites operated by the U.S. Defense Department, which are used by the military and civilians to determine the precise location of a radio receiver on the ground. A GPS receiver on the ground picks up the signals from four satellites, and by determining the time it takes for the signal to arrive from each satellite’s known position, the receiver precisely calculates its own position. This helps users navigate their position from one place to another, and is important for nearly all military operations and weapons systems. This military capability currently benefits society by increasing national security and defense systems.

GPS technology also has a variety of non-military applications, such as creating accurate world maps. With advances in research and development, miniature GPS receiver using integrated circuits are commonly used in cars, planes, laptops computers and other devices. GPS technology has also been embedded into wearable devices to monitor the location of young children.

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