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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Policy

This is a research paper topic suggestion on Governor Schwarzenegger. Paper Masters can custom write a research paper on the political career of Schwarzenegger or any aspect of his public administration policies.

The following should be addressed in your research paper on Arnold Schwarzenegger's time as governor of the state of California:

  • Policy recommendations will be addressed
  • A brief history of his time in office.
  • Discuss in your research paper one of the policy recommendations made by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during his State of the Address.
  • The research paper should include his recommendations for education.

Research Papers on Political Science Governor Schwarzenegger Policy Recommendations

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and His PolicyWhile California is one of the states that has been able to coordinate integrated services into the school, this has not been able to create a utopia out of the situation.  Perhaps, he goes on to reason, it would help to make school and district information available on the Internet, providing an education base for the parents about the schools in the area.  For example, parents may want to know: “What percentage of money goes into the classroom?…What is the graduation rate? The dropout rate?

Schwarzenegger and Education

These questions need to be answered.  They need to be available to parents and the community in order to help make the best decisions in regard to the class reduction size programs.  In the future, this will help when it comes to defining and comparing events to the goals set up by the Governor and the other state officials interested in education and school reform.  If for no other reasons, such as improving the lives of the students, these actions need to be taken in order to help make California as successful as it can be for each and every resident of the state.

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