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Gothic Novel Dracula

There are two parts to this assignment of the Gothic Novel Dracula:

First write a short essay on Bram Stoker's Dracula:

Focus specific themes of repressed sexuality in the gothic novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker:

  1. Find multiple examples within the text that specifically display this. Gothic Novel Dracula
  2. Explain the importance of each example and how each one changes how one can analyze the gothic text.
  3. How does the repressed sexuality within the story change the roles of each character, and their fate?

The second part is a Gothic Novel Dracula Research Paper:
For the research paper expand the idea of repressed sexuality in the gothic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

  1. Integrate the ideas you come up with from the four page essay and develop it into an 8 page paper. You can site specific ideas and examples into this paper that you come up with for the short essay.
  2. Focus on the feminist Approach/ representations of gender and or sexuality in the gothic novel in relation to symbolic inversion:
  3. How and what in this gothic novel displays this? Repressed sexuality:
  4. How and what in this gothic novel displays this? Representations of gender and who is masculine:
  5. How and why are Lucy and the three vampire women's roles of women, and mother grotesque?
  6. How and why is the role of the men such as Van Helsing different from the traditional roles, you can include his knowledge of superstitions and Jonathan Harkers unmasculine role because we find out throughout the story he is being taken care of( by Mina and the nurse, and Dracula, etc.)Instead of him taking care of his wife.
  7. Except at the ending when he stabs Dracula and finally takes on a masculine role, what do you think Stoker was trying to convey in this?
  8. Also you may touch upon why Dracula only made the women into vampires; did he only have the ability to make the women vampires?
  9. What was Stoker trying to convey across gender wise?
  10. And lastly why was Dracula the only male vampire in the text?

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