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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John Research Paper:

Description: Book Review [THE GOSPEL OF JOHN] Author What were the circumstances of the author when writing?

  1. To whom was the book written?
  2. Tell something about them.
  3. Summarize the main theme.The Gospel of John
  4. Key verse?
  5. Where written?
  6. When written?
  7. Why written?
  8. What were the major problems?
  9. What solutions were given?
  10. What was the central meaning in that day?
  11. What was the central meaning today?
  12. Include a very descriptive overview including: general description of the book, author, subject matter, purpose of the book or theme, and audience.
  13. Summmary is a brief, but explicit explanation of contents or events that are found in the book.
  14. Clearly explain how effectively the writer's style developes the theme or argument of the book by providing multiple examples.
  15. Clearly describe the book's overall strengths & weaknesses, usefulness to its intended audience and why student liked or disliked the book.
  16. No errors are found in grammar, punctuation, spelling and/or formatting.

Deal with how BOOK OF JOHN shows Yahweh's efforts to establish HIS people, to discipline His people, to impact modern Christianity, and other aspects of the "Divine-Human Relationship."
The review may be somewhat like a book report in that it might include such things as authorship, setting, plot, and etc. A review is not a copy of a commentary, nor a verse-by-verse description of what the Book says!

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