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Global Leadership

As countries and societies around the world become increasingly interconnected, it is imperative that leaders, be they political, corporate, or social, be well-versed in global leadership. Global LeadershipThis concept encompasses all those elements necessary to fully understand the various effects of globalization, including psychological, geopolitical, and sociological factors, among many others. By maintaining a global perspective, considering the short- and long-term ramifications of one’s actions or philosophies, as well as the local, regional, national, and international influences one has, individuals can serve as effective leaders of our increasingly connected world.

Global leadership requires one to be fluent in a variety of content areas, not the least of which is mass media. In recent decades, cultural connections have been made the world over due to, among other factors, the mass media. Television programs and films connect people from Boston to Beijing; sometimes, the same songs can be heard from Montana to Malaysia. Celebrities have well-established fan bases all over the world. All of these things can be utilized in creating a sense of global leadership, whether one focuses one’s energies on the small or large scale. Whether it is through breaking down barriers by traveling the world or streamlining connections by educating others on global diversity, global leaders are able to move our international society into the next era, one where people will be connected in ways never thought possible.

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