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Gifted Students

How do you start a Gifted Students research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

For teachers, working with students that are identified as gifted or talented can be especially challenging. A few of the challenges with in the classroom environment are:

  1. They do not have aides to keep them on-track.
  2. Instructors often find themselves teaching a lesson to the entire class while providing additional resources for a gifted/talented student to progress beyond the scope of the traditional lesson.
  3. A different pace is required when teaching gifted students.
  4. Supported risk must be undertaken; insisting on the student stretching their abilities.

While this may seem daunting, there are a host of accommodations and activities that can be incorporated to ease the process for student and teacher alike, keeping both progressing at a pace that is manageable. Organizations like the National Association of Gifted Students are also available to offer educators support in their classrooms.

Engaging Gifted Students

Teachers can provide independent projects for students that are identified as gifted or talented; while the rest of the class is completing worksheets on the content of a particular story, for example, the gifted/talented student can be writing a creative piece that elaborates on a character’s experiences or some other facet of a story. Gifted StudentsEducational games could also inspire gifted students, as well. Students can also be encouraged to participate in an academic competition; when they complete traditional classroom work, they can focus their energies to preparing for this competition as needed. By changing their mind-set, teachers can also help gifted/talented students progress. Too many instructors see themselves as the provider of knowledge and information; for gifted/talented students, teachers should see themselves more as a facilitator, helping the student in question to discover the information themselves. This can help to remove the need for rote memorization or practice, and give students a greater sense of ownership for their educational growth and development. Finally, working closely with Bloom’s Taxonomy can help teachers to ensure the continuous challenges being presented to gifted/talented students. By perpetually working with students through taxonomy to ensure they are focusing on higher-level thinking skills, teachers can create an environment that prevents boredom and keeps students challenged, no matter what their personal academic level or if they are primary or secondary students.

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