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Gestalt Theory

The clients listed below are seeking counseling at the Community Mental Health Center that you are working at. Choose one client and describe what one theoretical approach you would use to assist this client. In particular, describe what interventions you would use with this client based on the theory you have selected. Include multiculturalism/diversity sensitivity in analyzing your theory and practice in relation to this case, using critical thinking skills including professional writing skills.

Client I chose: Christian client verbally/physically abusing his wife.

The Theory I picked: Gestalt Theory

Gestalt Theory

Project Objectives for Gestalt Theory Research Paper
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

1. Familiarize and increase knowledge of concepts, principles, assumptions, and theories of counseling by reviewing each major counseling theory and identifying major concepts through application.

2. Critique research and evaluation methods applicable to major theories and methods of practice of psychotherapy.

3. Examine multicultural perspectives in relation to the major theories of counseling.

4. Facilitate the process of developing a personal philosophy and theory of counseling.

Project Requirements for Gestalt Theory Research Paper:

1. Synopsis should be approximately 5 pages.
2. A reference page with a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles are required.
3. Your paper should include a Title page, Introduction, Case Analysis, and Conclusion.
4. Writing, spelling and grammar should be correct.

Overview of Gestalt Theory:

These learning theorists believed that organisms add organization .Authors noted that Gestalt theories maintain that humans’ perception is constructed into organized wholes, or Gestalten, and that these wholes should be the building blocks of the field of psychology. The popular slogan, “the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts,” is criticized by an author who argues that this statement misinterprets the meaning of Gestalt theory. He states that Gestalt, in German, means organized structure, global configuration, and organism. Gestalt theory by nature does not allow for the study of elements, but rather takes into account the whole that consists of elements. At the time that Gestalt theory was devised, the founders distanced themselves from other whole psychology theories, which were being considered in Germany. They made an effort to remain anti-atomism . This can only be understood by considering the state of psychology at the time.

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