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One of the discoveries is that the genes of humans appear to have more impact on the individual than the genes of other species. What this suggests is that a human gene is capable of more influences than other species genes. One speculation might be that genes are multidimensional in their structure and duties.


So, it would appear that in relationship with other species especially with regard to this factor or element, humans are much more complex. Thus, the human gene is different from other species in that it is more elaborate and complicated than those of other species. While living, biological creatures that function under the same principles of life will always share some similarities with regard to DNA, there are many differences in comparing human genes with non-human genes.

Despite the complexity of humans, within the species, there seems to be less complexity. One of the potential benefits of the Human Genome Project will be the ability to develop vaccines to treat individuals impacted different ways in different environments. If humans were very different from one another genetically, such specificity would not be a realistic goal. But the true answer regarding the degree of complexity among humans cannot be adequately answered until all the information regarding the DNA sequence has been constructed. Over forty percent of the genes studied “have unknown functions”. This would suggest that almost half of the functional aspect of the DNA map is yet to be completed. Studies that will facilitate this endeavor include DNA analyses of people from various countries as described by Lowrance.

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