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General Military Topics

General Military Research Papers discuss the roll that the military plays in national security, both in the past and today. Paper Masters has former Veterans and expert researchers in Military research that are available for custom writing of any exercise. Keep up with the changing times of academic military research and get help from the experts.


General Military Topics Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Afghanistan - Topic suggestions on the United States military presence in Afghanistan.

U.S. Cavalry - U.S. Cavalry research papers discuss a major aspect of the United States military that was a vital part of all military action from prehistory until the invention of motorized vehicles.

The Challenge of Command - What is the book The Challenge of Command by Nye about? Why did the author write it?

Jus in Bello - A Jus in Bello research paper delves into an order placed on the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Media In Wartime - A Media In Wartime research paper looks at how the impact that the media has during these critical times, and also the perception they convey in their stories.

Militarism - A research papers on militarism discuss the primary element of militarism, which is the belief that a country needs to maintain a strong military in order to secure and advance its own interests.

Military Hazing - Research papers on military hazing go into the practice that has been criticized as going beyond simple hazing pranks and leading to physical or mental damage to the individual that can, and has, resulted in stress or even death.

Naval Aircraft Carriers - Naval Aircraft Carrier research papers deal with the history , and future of these military vessels.

Navy SEALs - Navy SEALs research papers examine the formation of this military group, and role it played in helping the United States.

Sexual Assault in the Military - Research papers on sexual assault in the military look into the statistics of sexual assault and rapes done in the US military.

Women of Color in the Military - Women of Color in the Military research papers explore the role that black women had in the wars the United States had.

Women in Combat - Women in Combat research papers look into the role women have played in the military throughout human history.

Women in the Military - This research paper on women in the military look into the history of how women became more involved in the military, from serving as undercover troops to serving as military nurses, in the 20th century.

Women in United States Marines - Women in Marines research papers deal with the role of women in armed forces over the years.