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Research Papers on Gay Marriage

Research papers on gay marriage can discuss many of the complex issues involved with allowing gay people to marry. Since it is now the law in the United States, have our writers explain any aspect of gay marriage in a research paper.

Possible topics on gay marriage are the following:

Over the past decade, there have been a number of issues that have come to the forefront of public debate.  Abortion, stem cell research and prayer in public schools are some of the most notable.  Arguably, each of these issues has promulgated intense controversy because they deal with situations that are polemic to social values and norms.  Unless all Americans can come to a consensus on specific social values, the reality is that these issues will continue to divide the American people.

Gay Marriage

Opposition to Gay Marriage

While abortion and stem cell research do indeed have their own moral and ethical complications, there is one issue that has recently come to light that seems to have few ethical implications for the public at large. This issue, gay marriage, has become one of the most politically debated and vehemently scrutinized measures to be debated in recent years. Although opponents of the movement note that allowing gay marriage subverts the rudimentary foundation of the family structure, it seems that dramatic changes in the family structure since the 1970’s have been almost unavoidable.  In an attempt to understand why the issue of gay marriage has promulgated so much debate, when the issue seems to pose few ethical problems for society at large, this research considers the viewpoints of those that both support and oppose the measure.  By looking at both sides of the argument, a greater insight into the issue will be gleaned as well as a better understanding of the controversy that surrounds it.

Family Structure and Gay Marriage

The reality of gay marriage is that family structure has been changing dramatically since the 1970s.  As women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers and single-mother households became dominating in the 1980’s, changing cultural and social structures have paved the way for differences in family structure.  Gay marriage should be no different.  If the American public can accept the reality of one woman raising four or five children on her own, why cannot it not accepted the reality of two married women doing the same? Same sex marriages have been shown to produce stable loving environments for children and spouses alike. Given this reasoning, it seems time for the American public to abandon its sanctimonious disillusionment about marriage and accept the gay marriage as a normal part of social discourse.

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