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Research Papers on Funerals

Research papers on funerals examine the custom of a funeral in any particular society you need. Paper Masters custom writes all projects on any sociology or religion topic.

Topic suggestions on funerals include the following:

  • Funeral customs in traditional religions in the United States
  • Research on funeral practices and their decline
  • Funerals in the Western World
  • The psychology of funerals and where they fit into the 5 stages of grief

Funerals are a tradition of virtually every society. Hence the need to acknowledge the achievements of the deceased, bring closure to the life lived and express grief within the community and family is a valued custom for most societies.  Funerals are for the living and it must be remembered that they serve to ease the psychological pain of realizing one’s own mortality as well as loosing the presence of a loved one. Acknowledging the achievement of an individual life that has passed serves to give meaning to those still living and express that human time on earth is not without purpose or merit.


Funerals and Closure

The process of the funeral brings closure to the life lived and serves as symbolic ceremony that the life has passed. Closure is brought through the ceremony by the familiar processes of the ceremony, an acknowledgment of the death and the placing of the body in its final resting place. Quintessential to the ceremonial process is the element of the community and the family, coming together and grieving and comforting each other in recognition of the absence of the deceased in society, the community and within the family structure.

The social role of patients who anticipate no recovery from illness verses those that anticipate full recovery both include dignity. The patient who is dying must illustrate to society that death is not to be feared, rather embraced as part of the cycle of life. This fosters a healthy understanding of the inevitable end which all of mankind eventually reaches.

Funerals and Social Role

The social role of the patient that is recovering from illness includes the dignity of recognizing the value of life to society. Espousing the significance of contributing to society and celebrating the gift of life extended in the recovery from illness is also part of humankind’s duty to society.

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