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Friedrich Nietzsche Research Papers

Friedrich Nietzsche research papers can explore any of his philosophical ideas or investigate the famous philosopher's life. Have your research paper on Nietzsche custom written from Paper Masters today.

Friedrich Nietzsche: German philosopher who criticized the Western view of reason, traditional morality, and religion’s focus on the spirit of man.  Friedrich Nietzsche's ideas, expressed in several books and essays written between the 1870s and early 1900s, made important contributions to many aspects of philosophical inquiry. While his philosophy is rich with both Athenian rationality and the revelations of a visionary thinker, Nietzsche's philosophy may be viewed as based on neither reason nor revelation, yet both are employed in his approach to philosophy. Friedrich NietzscheA research paper on Friedrich Nietzsche may examine the following:

  1. The relationship of Nietzsche's philosophy to the conflict between Athens and Jerusalem, reason and revelation.
  2. It will critique Nietzsche's philosophy from the Athenian perspective of reason as well as from the revelatory view of Jerusalem.
  3. Moreover, the research paper will respond to these criticisms with arguments that Nietzsche may have offered.
  4. A philosophy research paper will demonstrate that Nietzsche's philosophy goes beyond the traditional concepts of reason and revelation, and proposes a new form of philosophical inquiry that is beyond reason or revelation.  

Nietzsche's Philosophy

Begin the research paper from the Athenian view, and show that Nietzsche's philosophy possesses certain illuminating propositions; however, you will then note that Friedrich Nietzsche places too much emphasis on the destruction of old systems, which amounts to fundamental nihilism. Friedrich Nietzsche is against rationalism, religion, art, aspects of science, and many traditional views of philosophy. I each case, he views these expressions as encouraging false values that are from the truth. At the same time, Nietzsche uses rational means to arrive at the nihilist conclusion that nothing can actually be known. That is, he criticizes rationalism, yet uses a rational process to arrive at his irrational outlook.

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