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Freud's Psychosexual Development Theory

Sigmund Freud was a researcher and psychologists. During his studies, he observed that children go through different stages of development. Behaviors changed as the body changed. These behavioral changes focused on certain parts of the body including the mouth, anus, and genital areas. He theorized that adult mental disorders, often ones of sexual nature, formed during the time of sexual development in a child. He proposed five different stages that a child moves through during their physical and sexual development. These stages are based on the erogenous zones, those places providing pleasure.

Five Stages of Freud's Psychosexual Development Theory

Freud's Psychosexual Development Theory
  1. Oral stage - This stage lasts from birth to roughly one year of age. During this stage infants use their mouth as their primary erogenous zone. During this stage, infants get their oral fixation by sucking usually during breast-feeding.
  2. Anal stage - This stage is found among children who are between the age of one and three years. In this stage, the erogenous zone moves to the anus. This is mostly due to the focus on potty training.
  3. Phallic stage - This stage signifies the beginning of body awareness and exploration. The erogenous zone moves to the genial areas.
  4. Latent stage - The Latent stage lasts from around six years of age until puberty. During this stage children begin experiencing sexual urges and feelings.
  5. Genital stage - This stage lasts from puberty through adulthood. This stage focuses on more mature sexuality.

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