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French and Indian War Research Papers

French and Indian War research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

For centuries, landholding in North America and Europe was the basis for political and economic power worldwide. Agriculture was the dominant economic activity, and political power was based on control of land, agricultural surpluses and it's conversion into military power. In these agricultural based societies, war was a legitimate method of gaining additional land and labor. Since the weapons involved in warfare at that point were relatively ineffective, the land suffered little and the loss of life was considered an acceptable cost for the benefit of new land. French and Indian WarHowever, in the early eighteenth century, the French, English and Native Americans all vied for control of North America. North America presented such an important economic opportunity for the French, English and Native Peoples that they brutally pitted themselves against each other in the violent French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War.

Importance of the French and Indian War

The importance of the French and Indian war rests in the following facts:

  • Prior to the French and Indian War, France held much of America in its possession.
  • The importance of the war was to establish colonial supremacy.
  • French land claimed included Canada, in much the same form that we know of it today. New France, or the land from the Mississippi River to Louisiana, belonged obviously, to the French as well.
  • England, feeling threatened in its thirteen colonies by the presence of the French so closely and prominently, decided to send regiments to the thirteen colonies to protect the colonies from the Indian invasions.

The French and Indian War began in the beginning of 1755 when the British made plans to "dispossess" the French of their post at Crown Point which was used to give supplies to Indians so they could attack British settlements on the frontier. The King of France believed that this strengthening of military might suggested that the British were planning to attack the French, and he strengthened his regiments in New France. His command was “defend your frontier”. The official dates to the war are listed as that it commenced in 1756 and lasted until 1763. During the war, William Pitt became the British Prime Minister and under his leadership Britain began to regard the North American campaign as a primary concern to their establishment as a world force.

The American Colonies and the French and Indian War

The American colonies were most affected when their supply lines changed, as at times, French supplies could not arrive in America because of the war, and sometimes British suppliers were kept at bay. The colonies had to fight to retain their “British independence,” since rule under Britain, they believed, was better than rule by France or Spain. However, Great Britain did not realize that the largest effect these wars would have on the colonies is that their belief in independence and freedom would grow into the Revolutionary War.

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