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Freedom Research Papers

Research papers on freedom can look at the topic from many different aspects. Every course within a college may implement the idea of freedom. For example, a few topics on freedom that a student may have to write a research paper on include:

  1. Freedom of Religion
  2. Freedom of Speech
  3. Freedom in the novel Huckleberry Finn
  4. Freedom from SlaveryFreedom

There is no simple or easy way to define what freedom truly is, as every individual and each society has differing parameters for what this notion looks like. Politicians and social scientists, for example, have very different ideas of what constitutes freedom. From a political standpoint, one might argue that freedom is closely intertwined with economics and that “economic freedom is also an indispensable means toward the achievement of political freedom”. This idea has to do with a citizen’s right to choose his/her own job, and to spend the earnings from that job on anything that he/she pleases. Economic freedom is a big part of American culture, and what many people strive to achieve in their lifetimes. From a political standpoint, freedom also includes having the ability to choose who leads the country in which a person resides.

Freedom and Sociologists

Sociologists and other social scientists may offer a slightly different, and perhaps more broad, perspective as to what freedom is. These professionals are more apt to include freedoms of religion, marriage, speech, and other humanistic ways of life in their over arching ideas about human freedom. This being said, the founders of the United States might have been considered social scientists when drafting the U.S. Constitution, its subsequent Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Regardless of who is being asked, it is clear that freedom is a multi-faceted topic with many varied pieces making up an idea that might never be completely defined in a single manner.

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