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Frank Gehry's Design

In many respects, Frank Gehry's now-famous design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, looks like a giant, stainless steel sculpture. And Antonio Gaudi's undulating building designs–especially his homes like La Perdrera and Casa Battlo, also seem like gigantic sculptures. (The roof of Casa Battlo roof features a figurative representation about St. George and the Dragon.)

And at the same, time, when it comes to larger sculptures, such as Frank Stella’s massive bronze works, viewers can actually walk in and feel enclosed by the massive metal form. The same is also true of the Washington Monument which is both a sculpture and a shelter.

Frank Gehry

How do you start a Frank Gehry research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

This is an art essay on Frank Gehry, the architect. The project will be biographical and discuss his work. Custom art essays are Paper Masters specialty. Frank GehryEssays on Frank Gehry (architect) discuss his career start in 1960 in Los Angeles. Describe his house and the impact it had on his career. Be sure to include:

- His epiphany

- His classification as a deconstructionist

- The Los Angeles school and Walt Disney concert hall

- Gehry technologies

- Information on his tiffany jewelry

- Current project Barclay center

- Criticisms of his work


Architecture and Sculpture

All in all, even despite their differences, architecture and sculpture are two spokes on the same three-dimensional wheel. Any would-be architect should certainly study the rudiments of sculpture in order to learn about how to handle mass, composition and form, while would-be sculptors would also be wise to delve into the study of architecture From it, they could learn about a pragmatic approach to their art.

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