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Research Papers that Examine the Four Paths

Research papers on the four paths focus on what they mean to the Hindu religion. Paper Masters writers will explain the four paths in a custom research paper on the eastern religions that recognize the four paths as part of a spiritual journey.

The Four Paths of Hinduism are becoming closer to God through the following:

The Hindu takes the Four Paths throughout his or her life in the following ways:

  1. Beginning with the first phase, which is that of a student (roughly ages 8 through 12)
  2. The second stage is that of marriage, in which the now-trained student begins raising a family and strives to achieve success through his marriage and through his work.
  3. The third stage is fulfilling oneself, raising the family, and preparing for the fourth stage, which is retirement. The Four Paths
  4. Hindus believe there is one way to actualize oneself, and that comes under the heading of yoga, or a method of training that leads to spiritual integration and union of the human spirit with God. It is not the same type of yoga practiced in America or other countries, which is more a meditative escape from stress, or comprises a set of exercises. For Hindus, yoga is a way to spiritual attainment.

The Four Paths and Sannyasin

There is yet another stage, called the state of the sannyasin, where the person neither loves nor hates anything. This person is no longer tied to social obligations and wants nothing more than to be anonymous, to be free to meditate and to lead his own life in any way he chooses. There is nothing simple about Hinduism, which has many unique and complex beliefs. A comparison between Hinduism and Christianity would, nonetheless, reveal many similarities, such as the three main gods, the belief in everlasting life, and the need to be good in life, among other things. Hinduism and its meditative approach to worship also are not unlike practices in other religions. It is, indeed, a fascinating faith practice.

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