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Ford and General Motors Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Ford and General Motors from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

An interesting way to write a research paper on any company is to look at how they use electronic commerce (EC). You are responsible for researching past, present and projected uses of electronic commerce in the Automotive industry and prepare a written report of the findings. To do this, you will pick two companies from the automotive industry, one that is successfully using EC in a “profitable” way, and one, that your view, is not using EC successfully.

**The suggested companies are FORD and GENERAL MOTORS.
** Compare their products, their web sites, their means of advertising, everything you can find relating to the use of Information Technology to sell or communicate internally and externally.

Requirements for the Analysis of Ford and General Motors Research Paper

In order to properly cover all the topics regarding the two automotive giants, be sure to cover the following:

Ford and General Motors
  • A high level description of the industry itself, including major sub-segments and major players in the industry.
  • The evolution of EC in the industry, i.e. An overview of how EC has, and is being used by the industry. Include, initial uses, current uses, and how the industry’s use of EC has evolved. Also, include prevailing techniques or technology.
  • Prevailing business strategies and how EC is contributing to these. Try to understand and describe the EC standards employed by some of the major players in the industry. Explain their strategies and make assertions about the effectiveness of each.
  • The effects that EC has had on the industry. What major changes if any has EC brought about to any aspect of the industry? For example, has the nature of competition changed because of the use or oncoming of EC.
  • How the use of EC is contributing to the bottom line (profitability) of firms in the industry? (Details if possible)
  • Critical business, legal, or environmental issues relative to the use of EC that effect the industry.
  • How the industry is using the Internet and the Web.
  • A projection for where this industry is headed relative to its use of EC
  • A list of references (URLs, articles) used in the research project
  • Has the use of EC enhanced or detracted from the company’s bottom line?

Project Guidelines

Your project on Ford and General Motors Research Paper should follow these guidelines in order to have a proper research paper of adequate length and style:

  1. Must be written in APA style.
  2. Must include an abstract page with a 150 – 200 word abstract of the entire report.
  3. Must include all of the headings enumerated in the following Project Outline section
  4. Must be at least 15 pages long, not including the references pages or appendices.
  5. Should include charts, graphs, illustrations, tables, where appropriate. Large items should be placed in an appendix instead of the body of the paper. The general rule of thumb is, if the item is larger than 1/3 the length of the page it should be included in the appendix. The appendix does not count towards the total length of the paper.

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