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Florence Nightingale Syndrome

Florence Nightingale Syndrome is the name given to the effect of a caregiver developing romantic or sexual feelings towards a patient. The syndrome is named after famed 19th century nurse Florence Nightingale, although there is no historical evidence that Nightingale ever developed romantic feelings towards any patient.

The term Florence Nightingale syndrome, or Florence Nightingale effect, is not a medical term, but is used in popular culture to describe the situation. Florence Nightingale SyndromeIt is sometimes questioned whether the effect takes place in real life, or is a pop-culture urban legend. One famous reference to Florence Nightingale syndrome occurs in the 1985 comedy Back to the Future. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Florence Nightingale Syndrome that follows your guidelines.

Opposite Florence Nightingale Syndrome

Some references use the term for the opposite situation, in which a patient develops romantic or sexual feelings towards a caregiver. This is, in fact, a manifestation of what Sigmund Freud called transference. Florence Nightingale syndrome is said to occur without large amounts of communication.

Florence Nightingale Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Florence Nightingale syndrome is also used in connotation with aspects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome among nursing professionals. It is reported that Nightingale herself suffered from CFS, as she is known to have had periods of depression and exhaustion during her life. She was a highly dedicated professional who chose not to marry in order to devote her life to nursing and her patients.

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