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Fishing in Children's Books

Fishing in Children's Books research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate familiarity with the children’s literature that you will integrate in your unit plan (on FISHNG).

You will locate, review and organize 4-6 books of children’s literature that relate to a central Fishing in Children's Books of your unit plan (on FISHNG).

  1. Catfish and Spaghetti Author Marcia S. Freeman Illustrator Rose Stock
  2. Fly Fishing with Dad (A counting and fishing book) Author Keith Ramsey
  3. Fish Eyes ( A book you can count on) Author Lois Ehlert
  4. Granddad’s Fishing Buddy Author Mary Quigley Illustrator Stephanie Jorisch
  5. Fishing in a Brook Author Lawson Drinkard Illustrator Fran Lee
  6. Hook, Line, and Sinker (everything kids want to know about fishing) Author Italo Labignan Illustrator Jock MacRaeFishing in Children's Books

Focus the Fishing in Children's Books as narrowly as possible and develop a common theme (FISHING) that runs through all selected books. Consider picture books, storybooks, and chapter books that you could read aloud to students.

Questions to be answered referring to Fishing in Children's Books

  1. Briefly summarize main ideas, setting, themes, ect. Do not feature each individual book. Rather, discuss all text holistically. In the written paper, include complete bibliographic information for all texts.
  2. State the grade level (KINDERGARTEN to FIRST GRADE) you will use these books for and why they are appropriate for the respective level.
  3. Describe the major social studies concepts, principles, skills or themes that are represented in the books. Explain why these elements should be addressed within an elementary curriculum. Again, do not feature each individual book but discuss all text holistically.
  4. Describe an activity that you will use to reinforce or extend the content or central theme of the books. Explain how this activity will enhance students’ understanding of the books, and central ideas and themes of your unit.
  5. Comment on the treatment of issues of cultural diversity, gender, ethnic bias, or stereotypical portrayal of particular groups/individuals.
  6. Express your overall opinion of the books (holistically and their value as a means of teaching social studies. Support your opinion with evidence and examples from the books.
  7. Using the same book, create a book web that addresses each state standard ( and how the book relates to each standard. Kindergarten to First Grade

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