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Feminist, Welfare Reform, and Welfare Justice
by Gwendolyn Mink

Mink's seminole work on welfare can be used to as a source in a research paper on welfare reform for a sociology, women's studies or US history course. Have Paper Masters custom write the project using Mink's book as the basis of the research on welfare justice.

Gwendolyn Mink, in Feminist, Welfare Reform, and Welfare Justice, asserts that women have a right to choose to not work and raise their children at home in spite of the pressures that welfare places on them to work. Mink argues that no matter how poor a woman is, she should have the right to raise her children from home and be subsidized by public funds in order to do so. The main point of Mink’s work is to criticize women’s organizations for placing such high value on work outside the home.

Feminist, Welfare Reform, and Welfare JusticeMink's Points From The Welfare State

  • A woman not working outside the home is just as valuable to society as forcing her into the workplace.
  • Women’s groups often call for equal opportunity for the workplace but rarely do they decry welfare measures that strip the opportunity to raise their children at home.
  • Women should have the rights and the means to balance work and family needs.
  • The social stigma that working women place on poor women force them into the labor market in order to be considered equal to middle-class or wealthy women who value career and job as identifiers of their worth rather than family and community duty.

Mink’s point is not a very strong one but it is valuable in its assertion that welfare programs devalue the worth of the woman or man that wishes to stay at home and raise their children as part of their contribution to society.

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