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Family Oriented Television Research Papers

Family orientated television research papers focus on the sociological aspects of children's television programing and how it influences the family. Paper Masters will help you write and research family orientated television for a college level research project.

The Impact of Family oriented television for 9 to 12 years olds. Two anticipated learning outcomes from this project are:

  1. What impact does family oriented TV programing have on 9-12 year old children?
  2. Should television programs be monitored for violence content? Use case study and observation.
Family Oriented Television

Family Oriented Television


The findings of the current sociology research paper investigation on family oriented television have an extremely practical application. In the process of synthesizing the massive body of extant published literature on the subject, the current investigation will provide a valuable resource that can be implemented into the decision-making process of individuals hoping to circumvent the potentially deleterious effects of viewing television violence.  

Violence and Television

The data gathered and interpreted on family oriented television will not necessarily add to the extensive experimental data that already exist on the subject, but instead will serve as a synopsis of the major advances that have been made on the subject of television violence. Interested individuals, parents, educators, government regulatory agencies, and television programmers can use this as a resource to overview the historical and recent developments in the research addressing the problem, and rely on the key facts and opinions here to gain a heightened awareness of the likely outcomes associated with extended viewing of family oriented television and make important decisions regarding the place of television violence based in part upon these resources.

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