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Research Papers on Family Systems Theory

Paper Masters shows students how to write research papers on family systems theory. You can approach family systems theory from a practical application angle or from a theoretical standpoint.

A Family Systems Theory Research Paper may want to include an interview with a Social Work Practitioner. For example, you may want to interview a social worker in the Case Management Department working in a hospital.

This interview should be in the student’s specific field of practice about the practitioners work with families. The focus of this research paper is to examine the process of integrating family systems theory into practice. Some practitioners are more theory-based while others are more pragmatic.

Family Systems Theory

Family Systems Theory and Social Work

Others use non-theoretical language to describe some of the theoretical constructs we are learning. This research paper should get you thinking about how theories can be useful or not so useful in actual social work practice. Some possible questions include:

  1. What kinds of families does the practitioner work with? What are their most common strengths and greatest challenges? What resources do these families need?
  2. How long has the practitioner been practicing with families? What lessons has she /he learned? What families are most challenging to work with? Which families does she/ he find most gratifying to work with?
  3. What theoretical frameworks does the practitioner find most useful? Has this changed over time? If so, how?
  4. Does the practitioner have a primary theoretical practice model for working with families? How does practitioner understand the process of how families change? What is the practitioner’s role in that process?
  5. What is the best piece of advice that the practitioner could give to a beginning family practitioner?

Family Systems Theory Concepts

Write a research paper on family systems theory based on an interview. Papers will be evaluated on their synthesis of theoretical concepts and articulation of their social worker’s practice model with families.


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