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Fahrenheit 451 Summary

Fahrenheit 451 is one of the classics of science fiction, a dystopian novel of the future, written by American writer Ray Bradbury. First published in 1953, it tells the story of Guy Montag, a “fireman,” whose job it is to find and burn books. Fahrenheit 451 is divided in to three parts, “The Hearth and the Salamander,” “The Sieve and the Sand” and “Burning Bright.”

Fahrenheit 451 Summary

As Fahrenheit 451 opens in some distant and unspecified future American city, fireman Guy Montag meets his new neighbor, the teenaged Clarisse. Her freethinking cause Guy to begin to question society, and he secretly steals a book from a house he is supposed to burn. Clarisse’s disappearance further deepens his disenchantment, and begins collecting books.

In part two, the electronic Hound appears, sniffing for forbidden books. Guy seeks out an old man, Faber, who helps Montag learn to read and how to act. Guy brings out a book of poetry for his wife’s friends, who are all horrified. The next time the firemen go out, Guy is shocked to find himself outside his own home.

In part three, Guy sets fire to his house, but then kills both his boss with the flamethrower. Escaping, he seeks out Faber, who advises him to flee to the countryside. There, he meets a group of exiled nomads, led by Granger. All of them have memorized a single book in its entirety. Looking up, he seems bombers headed towards the city, destroying it with nuclear weapons. Granger then leads Guy and the group back to rebuild civilization.

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