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Research Papers on the Facebook Story

A case study on Facebook makes for an excellent topic to write a research paper or report for a business or MBA course. Facebook also can make an interesting sociology case study also. The writers at Paper Masters produce custom written projects according to the exact specifications you need them to write on. You tell us what you want and we deliver.

Possible topics to write about Facebook for a business research paper are as follows:

  • Investigate the startup cost of Facebook
  • How did Facebook going public affect its bottom line?
  • Trace the business history of Facebook and the role Mark Zuckerberg played in those decisions
  • Draw up a case study of Facebook

The Facebook story is one that is not necessarily well-known to the world at large, despite the near ubiquitous nature of the social media site. Facebook StoryOn February 4, 2004, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg launched the site, originally called “,” and the rest, it seems is history. Over 400 million people each month visit Facebook.

However, within a few weeks of its 2004 launch, three Harvard seniors accused Zuckerberg of stealing the idea from them. The Facebook story, it seems, has been dogged by controversy from the beginning. These original allegations were expanded into a lawsuit. One of the accusations claim that, in 2004, Zuckerberg used private login data from the site in order to hack into member’s email accounts and read their emails. However, the suit brought by the trio of Harvard seniors was called paper thin by a judge, and appeared to be headed for a settlement.

In 2008, Facebook set up international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and by 2011 it was the largest online host for photos, the same year that Facebook users were able to access the site from their mobile phones. The Facebook story expanded into one of the largest IPOs in Wall Street history, however a lawsuit from Yahoo! Threatened patent infringement. However, the Facebook story continues, with more than one billion users worldwide, open to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address.

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