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Facebook Case Study

Facebook has, in some ways, revolutionized the Internet. It is one of the first and most successful applications of social media, a platform by which old friends can stay in touch with one another, and annoy one another with vacation photos and pictures of their kids. Facebook Case StudyHowever, behind the public face of Facebook is a successful business model. A Facebook case study demonstrates the numerous factors required by an Internet start-up to be successful.

At the heart of a Facebook case study is the reality that, although used by more than one billion people worldwide, Facebook has less than 5000 actual employees. Its 2013 mission statement declared that Facebook wanted to make the world a more open and connected place. When originally founded by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, Zuckerberg surprisingly built his social media site using open source software.

A good economy case study of Facebook reveals that, in its SEC filing, Facebook sought to expand the global community by penetrating into emerging markets, and develop new products to provide a compelling user experience. One of those areas is in the mobile products. Part of this strategy was their acquisition of Instagram in 2012. However, a good case study must also point out that Facebook has risk factors, including trust issues with some users and concerns over the privacy of member data, of which critics say is easily accessible.

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