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Evolution versus Creation

As we examine scientific research papers, it is becoming increasingly clear that the evolution versus creation controversy is something we won’t be leaving in the last century.  The evolution versus creationism debate is likely to continue strong for centuries to come.  The bottom line is that evolutionists are arguing scientific evidence while creationists are arguing faith.  These two platforms, equally valid, are not likely to unseat one another.  Scientific facts will not convert those with faith in the literal nature of the Bible.  Likewise, the teachings of Genesis will not convert those without faith in those religious principles will be difficult to sway toward creationist doctrine. 

Evolution versus Creation

Recent research papers on the theory of evolution verses creation report that the Kansas Board of Education brought this debate to the surface again recently by voting to exclude evolution from state science curriculum.  The evolution versus creation controversy brings to light the newest tactic of creation’s proponents- using loopholes to subvert Supreme ourt decisions.

In Kansas, the school board has opted not to challenge evolution directly and avoid invoking the wrath of the Supreme Court.  Instead, policy makers have decided to omit evolution from state academic achievement tests.  Teachers will not be prohibited from instructing on evolution, but any material taught will not appear on state curriculum or student evaluation tools.  Given modern education’s frantic rush to complete required curricula, it is certain that few teachers will increase their workload by teaching unrequired material.  The Kansas situation is distinguishing itself further by failing to push for the instruction of alternatives to evolution that are generally the flagship of creationist initiatives.  These sophisticated plans, designed to unseat evolution from its leading position in public schools, mark a new era in which the debate of either idea’s validity is second to the mechanics of using loopholes.

The most famous event in the history of this controversy is the Scopes Trial in 1925, where teacher John Scope was convicted using antievolution legislation.  In 1968, the Supreme Court declared laws forbidding evolution instruction unconstitutional in the Epperson v. Arkansas decision.  With these decisions, evolution gained a legal foothold in scientific education.

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