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Evidence-Based Research

Paper Masters writes all graduate level project using evidence-based research, which is important in providing a research paper that is based upon fact. When you order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters, you can be sure your research is evidence-based research from the most up to date sources available.

Evidence-based research is a type of scientific investigation, largely used in the nursing profession, but can be applied to other disciplines. Evidence-based ResearchThere are a number of synonyms for “evidence-based research” across academia, including:

  • scholarly
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Research-based

The terms essentially mean the same thing: that the information one uses is based on sound, scientific (or social scientific) research, and not opinion.

The specific term “evidence-based research” is, in contrast to its synonyms, largely restricted to the nursing profession and provides the theoretical basis for evidence-based practice, in which the practitioner bases all practical decisions on research studies, especially those that have been vetted along professional standards. Evidence-based research is largely quantitative, meaning that there is specific, numbers-based research, as opposed to qualitative or theoretical studies.

Evidence-based nursing is a means of combining personal clinical experience with the latest scientific research available. The goal of evidence-based nursing is to improve the health and safety of patients through the application of the latest scientific evidence-based research. The third leg of evidence-based nursing is the patient’s preferences, providing a triangular approach to incorporating research and practice into the field of health care.

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