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Ethics and Cloning

Format for Ethics and Cloning Research Paper:

  1. Essay Outline (1 – 2 pages)
  2. Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving Essay (6 - 7 pages)
  3. All writings should be in APA format.
  4. I have PDF references that should be used in the writing of the outline and essay.
  5. Topic: How do we balance ethics with potential medical breakthroughs in cloning?Ethics and Cloning

Ethics and Cloning Research Paper:

The author has no ethical hold backs related to cloning and believes the medical breakthroughs associated with cloning should be pursued.

Create an outline of the information that will help you understand the components of the problem, reach a potential solution, and provide a structure for the final essay. The outline should be an abbreviated review of the major points you plan to cover and will also help you select appropriate headings if you choose to use them in your final essay.

Guidelines for the Outline:
The outline should address all of the components needed to meet the requirements of the final essay. The following guidelines contain the information you will need to include and may provide insight into how to organize your essay.

1. Introduction to the Problem:

a. Define the issue and establish that it is an open-ended problem by presenting information from different points of view.
b. Identify and discuss reasons or factors that contribute to the uncertainties or ambiguities that impact the problem.

2. Discussion and Critical Evaluation of the Evidence:

a. Include supporting evidence from at least two positions or sources.
b. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence presented for each point of view.
c. Describe any bias/assumptions underlying these perspectives.
d. Evaluate the evidence by discussing the assumptions, quality of the evidence, and alternative interpretations of the evidence.

3. Conclusion Including Solutions and Limitations:

a. Identify at least two potential solutions to the problem.
b. Identify at least two limitations for each potential solution.
c. Make a recommendation for the best solution to the problem, based on the evidence you have included in your essay.

4. References (for the final essay only):

a. Use in-text citations.
b. Include a reference list at the end of your essay.

Keep in mind for Ethics and Cloning Research Paper:

  1. You want to avoid presenting only evidence that supports your solution or point of view. Make sure that you objectively present multiple potential solutions to the issue or problem.
  2. If you choose, you may use headings from your outline to create headings for your final essay. This will help your reader more easily follow the sequence of information and find important aspects of your critical thinking. For further information, you can review the attached document on using headings.

The outline will be judged by the following – please address all items.

  1. Creates an outline with major points and sub-points.
  2. Includes an introduction that defines the problem and establishes that it is open-ended.
  3. Lists uncertainties or ambiguities that impact the problem.
  4. Includes supporting evidence from two or more positions or sources.
  5. Lists at least two of any combination of the following: strengths, weaknesses, biases, or assumptions for each piece of evidence presented.
  6. Lists two or more potential solutions.
  7. Identifies at least two limitations or drawbacks for each potential solution.
  8. Identifies a best solution.
  9. Absence of readily detectable mechanical and/or grammatical errors.
  10. Thoroughly explains the reason for the chosen organization of information.


Write a Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving essay (6 - 7 pages)

  1. Remember to avoid stacking up evidence to support your point of view.
  2. Make sure that you present both sides of the argument without being biased (as much as possible!); then present your argument for your perspective in the conclusion.
  3. You want to lead the reader from viewing all possible sides of the argument logically to your conclusion while recognizing that there may be multiple answers to the open-ended problem.

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