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Ethical and Legal Implications of Euthanasia

Issue/Problem/Task to be Addressed

WHETHER to permit assisted suicide and euthanasia is among the most contentious legal and public policy questions in America today.
There are two types of patients that are involved in euthanasia: (a) a patient in a persistent vegetative state who is awake but is not aware of self or the environment. Such a patient has no higher brain functions and is kept ‘alive’ on artificial life support; respirators, heart-lung machine, and intra-venous nutrition (b) patient in terminal illness with a lot of pain, psychological suffering and loss of dignity. The patient may or may not be on life-support.

Topic/Topics from Functional Knowledge Area Related to the Issue/Problem/Task

The ethical and legal implication of euthanasia.

Anticipated Managerial Abilities to be Developed


The intent is to perceive another person’s beliefs, emotions, and perspectives, particularly when they are different form the observer’s own beliefs, emotions and perspectives. It is indicated when a person: Ethical and Legal Implications of Euthanasia

  • Perceives multiple perspectives, or views, of the same situation or issue
  • Sees merits of differing perspectives, especially when they are different than his/her own
  • Describes another person's thoughts, feelings, or values as unique to the individual without regard to stereotypical generalizations.


  1. The intent is to seek order and predictability by reducing uncertainty. This is often enacted by a person giving careful consideration prior to and taking actions (e.g., making sure that your shoes are shined, as well as your clothes pressed prior to a presentation). It is indicated when a person:
  2. Shows consistent attention to detail (e.g., double checks information or accuracy own or others' work, summarizes group discussion, etc.)
  3. Keeps records diligently.

Implications of Euthanasia

  1. The purpose of this Project analyzes euthanasia in its various forms employing the Purposes of the Law, and the Principle of the Law. Active and passive euthanasia are both illegal because the intention behind them is the same, taking life.
  2. The only allowable actions are patient refusal of normal food, hydration, or heroic medical procedures.


Resources for Ethical and Legal Implications of Euthanasia Term Paper:

I will use; Journals, Article and textbooks to conduct my research.

Ethical and Social Responsibility

In this section, briefly discuss how you plan on developing awareness of the ethical and social responsibilities incumbent upon all organizational leaders.

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