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ESL Research Paper

Paper Masters recognizes the special needs of ESL students who English is not their first language. English as a second language presents many challenges for student that have research papers and research papers to write. The nuances of English grammar are difficult to grasp and integrate into writing assignment. Therefore, Paper Masters has dedicated special staff to help ESL students with research papers and research papers.

Order a custom written ESL research paper on any topic from the company that understands the needs of second language students.


ESL Research Paper and Research Paper Writing Services

ESL services include:

  • Dedicated staff sensitive to the needs of student's for whom English is not their first language.
  • Writers that write in a simple, straight-forward manner for easy understanding and integration into one's own research.
  • The ESL writer first needs to be aware of learning theory and the processes by which individuals assimilate new information into their existing knowledge.
  • 24 hour telephone support customer service

Paper Masters believes the current system of bilingual/ESL education that is in place in the American public education system does not maximize educational democracy, and that specific changes should be made in order to ensure that bilingual/ESL students are guaranteed the widest range of equal opportunity possible.  ESL Research Paper

For Paper Masters, interaction in ESL learning and teaching of writing falls under two categories, learner to learner interaction and learner to expert interaction. These interactions change as individuals mature and grow in their skills and self confidence. Learner to expert interactions start as being dependent, but move toward more autonomous relationships as the students learns and becomes more efficient at learner to learner interactions. Learner to learner interactions become more intimate as the learning community become established. These exchanges are often more motivating as they involve and concern on a more personal level.

Paper Masters' ESL clients are often doing research papers that tie culture into other assignments such as interviewing and memoir writing to facilitate assessing the improvement of ESL students in writing. We suggest that in your writing, by focusing on the character of another person, interesting elements can be taken from other’s lives as well as descriptive tools in writing can be exercised to foster writing development. This can also be done on a group level and the writing of a character sketch done with duties divided among group members.

Some instructors believe the incorporation of poetry and other complex literary genre’s are too incomprehensible to the ESL student. The examination of real-life experience has proved very effective for ESL teachers of writing. They often focus on works of non-fiction and the reading of articles and news magazines to grip the student’s attention and foster analytical thought processes. 

Focus of ESL Curriculum

While the central focus of ESL curriculum appears to stem from an effort to provide ESL learners with a positive method for learning the English language, Ndura (2004) insists that the development of ESL curriculum is also focused on preserving and respecting diversity in culture. As reported by this author, “second languages play an important role in fostering cross-cultural communication and giving the learners an opportunity to explore and negotiate their new multicultural environment” (p. 144). As such, the curriculum employed to improve outcomes for ESL learners must not only consider the specific methods that can be utilized to improve understanding and use of the English language, but also the curriculum must address cultural differences and utilize them to develop student participation in a multicultural learning environment.

What is perhaps most striking about the current research, is that while it effectively identifies larger curriculum issues that must be addressed in the context of ESL curriculum scholars have not been able to effectively utilize this research to identify best practices for classroom instruction. Arguably, the importance of developing ESL curriculum is an essential component for the success of ESL learners. However, in order for curriculums to be effective they must be able to be translated into practical strategies for educational practice. If this critical step in educational development is not taken, even the most informed curriculum will fail to improve overall student performance.

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